Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I thought it was time for a round-up of all those projects that I have on the go:

  • Christmas gifts: I've made 9 and need 1 more. 5 are packed and ready to be sent to the US, the others are for locals.

  • Green half-square triangles: I did cut a few more a couple of weeks ago, but this is on hold until after Christmas.

  • Crumb quilt: the finished flimsy has been set aside, but I did pick up some sale fabric for the back and binding.

  • Challenge cushion: finished and submitted. These will be unveiled on Dec 13 and I think that the judging will go through to January (viewers choice).

  • Blue snowflakes: nothing.

  • Equilateral triangle baby quilt (NEW!): started this week - more below.

  • Blue/brown circles (NEW!): Just in the planning stages - more below.

Baby quilt started

My friend at work is expecting and after I found out I started collecting some fabrics to make a baby quilt for her. I thought I had loads of time until she announced last week that her last day at work was December 8. Surely she's not due yet, it could not have been 9 months! It turns out she will be working from home until the baby is born in mid-late January, but that does not help me. So, I gave myself the hurry up and got started this weekend.

I chose to use equilateral triangles because I like the patterns that can emerge. I've cut all the triangles out and have sewn 2 rows together before I realised that I swapped two of the prints in every instance. Hmm...still deciding if I should rethink my layout or get the seam ripper.

Blue/brown circles

My mother sent me some fabric that she purchased for me a while ago. The colours match my living room perfectly. So, I went out to get some other fabrics to add to them and have ended up with a big pile. I want to make circles using a traditional drunkard's path block, but mix it up in a modern way. That's as far as I've progressed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I seem to be run off of my feet lately but have little to show for it. I have managed to progress on some projects.

My butterfly heart quilt that I started a while ago is sandwiched and I've brought it back from the beach house to work on it at home. I haven't done much more than that. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share. After cutting out many hearts from my collection of butterfly fabrics, I am wondering if I need some bigger ones to ground the design. What am I walking about, you ask - I promise pics soon.

No progress on my blue snowflakes although I have been getting 'gentle reminders' from DD to start again on it.

My Christmas presents are coming along well, but I am quickly running out of time. I just received a reminder in the mail that overseas packages need to be sent by 25 November - that leaves me 2 more weeks. I'm pleased with the results, but must be mysterious about the details - I don't want any spoilers.

I have finished the top of my crumb quilt and have packed it away for a rainy day. As much as I enjoyed the process, it was taking too much of my attention while other projects lagged. I really like the way it turned out and I am looking for the perfect bright pink fabric to bind it with. I'm undecided about the backing, but I have a few bits and pieces that should do the trick.