Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AMQG ideas for fundraising quilt

I volunteered to organise a collaborative fundraising quilt for the Auckland Modern Quilt Guild (AMQG). Because we are modern and because there is a mix of skills I thought that an easy 'liberated' design would be best.

I've narrowed the choices down to three designs - color choices are still negotiable.

I've had lots of inspiration out in blogsphere on these, but no one specific design. My Block Lotto experience will help me with this, I hope. That's probably why I volunteered.

Candidate number 1: wonky stars

Wonky stars made from a few scrappy flying geese and arranged into a 9-patch. I used bits and pieces from my scrap basket in blue/white/grey. I like the color combo, but think that the greys should be limited to lighter shades; the dark ones I don't like so much.

My thought is to allow any size star and each block can include multiple stars. All final blocks should be a set size (9" or 12" finished). I envision lots of stars floating on the background.

Candidate number 2: asterisks

A quick and simple design created by slashing a background square and inserting strips of color. This one could be very specific about size of block and width of strips or people could choose the sizes themselves. I think my strips are a little wider than I'd prefer.

Candidate number 3: log cabin squares

I confess that this is my favorite one. An easy log cabin design with each row being a single color and width. This one will result in a really modern look and we can practically use any colors as long as the inner and outer squares are a consistent color.

Comments are welcome!


  1. I confess that the log cabin is my favorite, too, thought all three choices are great cancidates. Be sure to share the quilt your Modern Quilting group creates.