Thursday, September 20, 2012

Too busy to blog

Lately I've felt like I am so busy doing stuff that I can't take the time to blog about that stuff. (Stuff=quilting.) I often ask myself "Should I write about it or do it?" My answer is usually "Do it!"

I've been working on some little projects - probably because all of my big projects are overwhelming me.

My first one is a ukelele bag that I made for my daughter. When I saw her toss the instrument onto the couch one day after school, I decided that what she needed was a quilted bag to carry it in safely. I picked all the fabrics from my stash and started with just the triangles but was told that it was "too brown" by the intended bag recipient. So, I added the blue strips between 2 rows of triangles, and it was much improved.

I've joined a new group called Monday Moderns. During my first meeting we exchanged scraps. There was a half-hearted challenge to do something with them. This past weekend, I used them to make some little pieces. I don't know if they are big coasters or little place mats. I wanted to practice my drunkard's path piecing and try out the new templates that I ordered. Here they all are - fronts and backs.

This is a closeup of my favorite one. It's made using my colors and I did it first. The later ones were a little less coordinated (nothing wrong with that though).

The AMQG raffle quilt is all quilted and another member is doing the binding. I was amazed how much FMQ I did on it and in hindsight, it should have been less dense - but, once you start, you have to carry on. I went through countless bobbins and at least 1/2 mile of top thread.

I sandwiched together the first Block Lotto quilt and did some stitch in the ditch to get started. It's not my most favorite thing in the world, but yesterday when I was off work I decided to work on my least fun thing first. The backing is pieced like a giant plaid and works well.

I'm making slow progress on the butterfly heart quilt and just realized that I've sewn on the hearts flying in the wrong direction. So, I will need to rethink how they go - just part of the design process, I say.

No progress on Blue Snowflakes for ages. I brought it along when we went skiing a few weeks ago but the mountain was closed because of bad weather. Rather than sitting by the fire alone sewing while DH & DD skied, we spent the days together trying to entertain ourselves.

No progress on the Green Triangles. Do I have too many WIPs?


  1. I love what you did with your Monday Mornings swap fabric!

  2. The ukulele bag worked out really well Laurina!

  3. Goodness, there's so much eye candy here! What a beautiful bunch of projects to be working on!

    Your star quilt is just lovely!