Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another new project

Yes, I have started yet another project. This one is made from fabric supplied by Helen at our Monday Modern quilters group last Monday - I think I took home 13 fat quarters. Helen provided the fabric and a piece of pre-cut batting and challenged us to make a small quilt for a child. The batting basically dictated the size - it's about 46" x 52".

The fabrics I chose included three from a collection and others that blended in. I like the combination of blues, purples, and black, although it was looking a bit too cohesive when I laid out all of the fabrics when I got home from our meeting. My first instinct was to do something fast and simple - like 4" squares. But, where's the challenge in that?

Instead I decided I would make a medallion quilt with a round robin approach to the design (translation: no planning for each border until I get to it). I made the 16" centre block by ironing on two sizes of flowers and then using a machine buttonhole stitch to sew them down. I'm happy with the results, but the flowers are quite stiff - I may have to rethink the fusible product that I used.

From the centre block I worked my way out adding three sets of borders. So far so good. Now I'm a little stuck - the quilt measures 42" square which is a bit on the small side. I thought maybe a couple more plain borders to "contain" the random squares, but I really don't have enough fabric for that - all that is left are a few strips and one more fat quarter. Even a 2" border would take more than a fat quarter. Maybe I could dig into my stash (like I did for the solid seafoam 1" borders).

I have several projects in the pipeline that I need to start and finish by the first weekend of November. These will be used as demos for our merchant stand at the Festival of Quilts - a banner quilt with our logo on it and a machine embellished crazy quilt teddy bear. Meanwhile, I'm off the the States for three weeks between now and then. Did I mention that I started a new job last week...

So, I may just need to call this one done and move on to quilting it before the weekend. Any suggestions?

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  1. That's an impressive effort. I think some little girl will love this quilt.