Monday, January 21, 2019

Inspiration - Cotton Robin 2018

As I start the planning for the Cotton Robin 2019, I started reflecting back on previous years' work. Since my blog posts stopped a few years ago, I've done very little quilting. I'm trying to gain a bit of momentum and I enjoy documenting what I've done, if only for myself.

My center block for 2018 was a paper pieced pineapple block in blue and coral. I grabbed everything from the scrap pile in the color scheme and used a pattern that I found somewhere online. When looking for a pattern, I wanted one with a reasonable number of narrow rows so that I could get more fabrics in and keep the block small.

My center block

The block was passed to three other quilters: Traceyann, Shannon, and Diana. The finished quilt kept to the original color scheme and I especially like the way the original pattern extends from the center out to the edges. There's a real feeling of movement as if the center is opening up like a flower or firework.
Finished mini quilt

I worked on three other quilts. I added the first border to this quilt started by Julie. After staring at the red, black, and gray colors for a week I decided it needed another color. I chose a fresh green background for some more pinwheels and I set the original block on point. The measurements for this one were a little tricky which is a common challenge, especially when you put a square on point. The finished quilt by Glen and Marie was one of my favorites for this year.

First border added
Julie's finished quilt

The second border I added was to Elizabeth's center block that had already had a border added by Tish. I wanted to incorporate some of the greens and blues from the center into the border, so I made some small freehand plus and x blocks and used some strips of the same fabrics to square it up a little. I decided to only add the little blocks to the sides - this was partly due to the size limitations that we have.

Second border added

Nan did a great job with the spiral quilting.

Elizabeth's finished quilt

The last quilt I worked with was started by Andrea and added to by Nan and Rachel. I wanted to quilt it with a pattern to match the cat theme, so after a bit of doodling and some trawling around the internet, I came up with balls of yarn for the cats to play with. I wanted to bind the quilt with something other than the obvious red, so I picked out the turquoise from the paw print fabric and one of the cat's collars.

Quilting detail

Andrea's finished quilt

I have to say that I really liked how all of the quilts I worked on turned out last year and I'm really looking forward to this year's Cotton Robin.

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