Monday, June 13, 2011

Theraputic applique

I've been unwell these past few weeks, but it's given me a chance to work on some hand sewing. There's nothing better than hand sewing when I want to forget everything else. My sunny spot in the living room has great light and I can sit there for hours.

I spent a while this morning progressing on one of my 'blue snowflake' blocks. They're not really snowflakes, but that's what my little girl calls them and it's a quilt for her (no arguing with that).

This is the third block and I've run out of white/silver/grey fabrics for my snowflakes. I will need to do some searching on Wednesday when I have more time.

I started this project during the Remarkables Symposium in Queenstown in April. I took a class from Chris Kenna as my first foray into needle-turn applique.

My first block took ages to complete, but I'm speeding up. My mother suggested using a bit of glue from a gluestick and a toothpick to keep the fraying under control on those pesky inside corners and it works a treat.

I have a few blue fabrics that tie nicely to a watercolour print of hydrangeas that I had admired for a while. Will post more about this as it progresses.

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