Thursday, January 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have hardly had a chance to sew these past few weeks. The family was still at the beach and I was back and forth to work mid week. Somehow my projects have been set aside this month. I suppose that I did get some things done over Christmas and I sat down one day while commuting on the ferry and made note of all my WIPs and what I could do in the near future on each. Some things I've already finished!
  • Crumb Quilt:
    • Sandwich ✓
    • Baste ✓
    • FMQ - started
    • Bind
  • Green 1/2 Square Triangles:
    • Finish last batch of squares ✓
    • Piece blocks
  • Blue Snowflake:
    • Commit to layout ✓
    • Continue making applique blocks
  • Butterfly Hearts:
    • Design layout and quilting pattern ✓
    • Quilt background
    • Applique hearts
  • Blue/Brown dots:
    • Sketch design ✓
    • Draft templates
Blue Snowflakes
I finished one half-finished block and did one more (start to finish).
Crumb Quilt
I'm halfway through the quilting. I chose a variegated pink/fuchia thread and am doing an all-over loopy pattern. I don't usually do the all-over pattern, but I thought it would work well with the quilt.

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