Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bags of bags

I finally finished the Christmas presents that need to go to the US. I should have sent them weeks ago, but they weren't done then. They will be in the mail by tomorrow morning.

I based the design on one I saw on an old Quilting Arts episode, although mine are a slightly different size and shape than those. Each one is different and is reversible. One side has some patchwork and the other is split into two panels. There are two sizes - one for 'big' girls (about 12" tall) and one for 'little' girls (about 9" tall).

My favorite is this one in green and grey. The focal fabric has jars filled with fireflies and other bugs and snakes.

I did a mix of walking foot and FMQ on each panel. It would have been faster to do the same simple design on every one, but I always want to experiment, so every one is different. Each side is quilted separately before joining them together so there was plenty of opportunity to try a few things out.

Here are the four that I have made so far with a few different angles and inside/outside of the two I made for the little girls.

I have 3 or 4 more to make before Christmas, depending on whether I make one for myself. I have the fabric picked out for 2 of them, the other 1 (or 2) are still undecided. I think I'll take a break and start on them in a week or so. The next batch are being hand-delivered locally, so I can have them done as late as Christmas Eve. They do go faster as I've progressed through them and learned what not to do.

There are a few optional projects that I'd like to finish before Christmas but the weather is finally fine and I might just spend some time in the sunshine instead.


  1. Wow! You have been busy. Great colour combos.

  2. They look great Laurina! And do I see a tiny bit of that odd challenge fabric being put to good use?!

    1. Well spotted - it was the perfect mix of blue and green - nothing should go to waste.

  3. I really hope you DID make one/some for yourself. Those are great bags!