Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Plaid quilt #1 finished

Last April I won 48 blocks from Block Lotto. The blocks were plaid and white with thin strips of color inserted between. Many of the plaids were recycled from old shirts.

I sashed 24 blocks with some striped shirting fabric that I found in my mom's stash that she's had for as long as I can remember (30 years?). I'm not convinced it was 100% cotton, but in the spirit of recycling I thought it would work well. I added some plaid squares in the corners of the sashing. These fabrics were leftovers from shirts made for me and my grandfather (also 30+ years ago).

When I returned home I pondered the border. I thought I needed one to make the quilt big enough for a single. The two thinner borders were fabrics from my stash and the plaid outer border was purchased from my local fabric store. I admit it was a bit hideous, but I think it works. And besides, my theme of 'making do' and recycling includes fabric that nobody else would buy.

The pieced back is a big plaid made from a few fabrics. Mostly leftovers from other projects. Even the batting is pieced from leftover pieces (big ones).

I had it all put together months ago and even started the quilting before Christmas, but it has taken me a little while to finish it up - silly, because it was probably only a few more hours to quilt and then a few more for the binding.

The end result is better than I thought. I was sure the big plaid border would never work. Or, maybe it's grown on me and my quilt survival instincts have kicked in and convinced me that it's turned out fun and quirky, not tacky.

Either way, it is destined for our ski house where plaid is appropriate and warmth is required.

The remaining 24 blocks will be laid out very differently. I thought it would be fun to avoid the obvious layouts and try something new. Stay tuned...


  1. I'm glad I clicked over from the Block Lotto to read more about your quilt and to see the fabulous pieced back!

    1. Ps. That bold plaid border really is fun and great on this quilt.

  2. Hi!!! Very pretty!!! I love the back!!! Great idea!! Thank You

  3. I think the big plaid border is GREAT! I didn't realize people were making their blocks from recycle shirts. I just made mine from my plaid stash. Where was I? LOL Beautiful quilt and just the kind of thing I like. Kudos for using so many things that hadn't been used yet!

  4. It turned out just right. It makes me happy to look at it and I like the quilting you did too. Bravo!