Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scrappy scrappy scraps

In an effort to get organised, I'm attacking my scrap basket.

I want to be frugal and I want to embrace the make-do attitude of generations of quilters that have come and gone. But, like most of you I am tempted by shiny new fabric. A few years back I made a crumb quilt that was mostly made of scraps, some quite tiny. I enjoyed the process, but prefer a more controlled style.

I've been thinking about postage stamp blocks for a while now and had been dutifully cutting 1-1/2" squares when a scrap was the right size. I haven't done this for a while, so I attacked the scraps again adding 2-1/2" squares and sorting out the bigger pieces and strings.

This weekend, for a Monday Modern challenge, I put together a zippered bag using a tutorial at Noodlehead. I thought I'd use some of my little squares for the top half and a linen (leftover from some window treatments I had made years ago) for the bottom half. I drew a grid on some lightweight fusible interfacing and this made the squares easy to manage (not my idea, but lots of instructions out in blogland if you're interested).

I'm not totally happy with the zipper top-stitching and tab (I might redo these if I have some time) but I am totally in love with the little squares. I tried to fussy cut when possible and all the little faces make me smile. Apparently the bag's cuteness has not gone unnoticed and DD has claimed it already.

Meanwhile, my pile of scraps does not appear smaller even though I've cut hundreds of little squares. I suspect the scraps were pretty compressed in there, so now they have more air to breath. I too will breath easier when this job is done.


  1. Adorable! I think I may have to make one for myself. I love it--especially the little I-spy squares.

  2. Very cute bag-no wonder your daughter has claimed it!. Scraps seem to have a habit of multiplying when you think you are destashing!!

  3. I had to come back for a second look--I really like your bag! Also to say thank you for linking to Weekend Update on

  4. The bag is as cute as anything I've seen lately! Very appealing with those scrappy squares. It made me smile. Looks good with the linen, too. Daughter has good taste. =) I love that your scraps are actually IN a basket! Mine are in a variety of kleenex boxes and shoe boxes. I made TWO large quilts from 2.5" squares, which made that shoe box much emptier and it's already refilling rapidly, without noticeable dent to other scraps. Sigh. And ALL of my quilts are made from scraps!