Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little pillow for a friend

A lovely lady that I work with is in the hospital after having major surgery. I have been filling in for her (and not doing such a great job). I wanted to give her something to help cheer her up and didn't want to bring the usual flowers and I think chocolate is out of the question.

So, of course, I decided to make her something. I thought that a little pillow would be 'quick and easy' and maybe even useful while sitting in a hospital bed for a week (or 2). I do have a problem - not recognised as a diagnosable personality disorder - but a problem none the less. I cannot choose the quick and easy road. I have to do things 'right'. Not perfect, but right.

So, I could have made a single layer pieced pillow, stuffed it with fill, and then stitched it up. And, at 1am this morning, I regretted my choice. Instead, I have quilted the front and back, made the cover removable and created a pillow inner that can be removed (no running to the shop for a pillow insert at this time of night).

This morning I discovered that we were out of coffee, so I am tired and grumpy. Luckily I am alone in the office today and there is a cafe less than 100m away. That's where I'm going right now.


  1. She is going to love it. I think you made the right choice, making it removable and washable.

  2. You may not think it now, but I think you made the right choice! It looks great and will no doubt cheer her up no end!