Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A 100th birthday present

My mom and I finished the memory quilt in time for my grandmother's 100th birthday party. I did the machine applique and quilting and mom stayed up late to do the binding.

I decided to FMQ a meander in all of the white space - I did experiment with a few options, but this was the easiest and most effective. I had some grief with my mom's machine and fussed around with different thread options, but managed to get it done without having any tantrums. I mean no disrespect to all of you Pfaff-lovers out there, but my mom needs to get rid of hers. Maybe a new Juki for Christmas?

The quilt received a lot of attention at the party and it was fun for everyone to look through the photos and try to work out who was who. I especially love the old photos of my mother - she was very cute!

I'm back in NZ now and trying to get into the groove of work and daily life. I have lots of projects on the go - more about that later.


  1. Yay! You did it ... and it's beautiful.

  2. I am sure the whole family will treasure this quilt for years to come.

  3. Such a v. special momento for your grandmother, and everyone else too! L