Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A finish for 2013

Happy New Year. 2013 will end in Auckland in 7 hours and I managed to finish one more quilt with about 12 hours to spare. I started this scrappy quilt in August after tidying up my sewing space and realising that I had (have) too much fabric. This quilt was inspired by one I saw at a show and it seemed like the perfect way to use up some fabric. Yes, I used up some fabric, but I will need to do a few more to make a difference in the stash.

I really love the contrast between warm and cool colours. It really makes an impact.

The quilting gave me some grief (nothing new here). I wish the diamonds were a bit smaller - they were just a little too big to quilt with the Swiftquilter so I had to do quite a bit of adjusting of the frame while quilting. Next time I'll think ahead.

I chose a blue and green polka dot print for the binding. I thought it was a good contrast to the mostly warm coloured diamonds that are on the edge of the quilt. I used a slightly different method for this one - I sewed it on the back and then edge stitched it by machine on the front. I've been experimenting with binding lately and this seems like the quickest approach.

I had to wash the quilt before I put the binding on and I think that has caused a bit of a wave on the edges - I am hoping this will sort itself out when I wash it again. Unfortunately, my new kitten decided to leap onto the bed where the quilt was folded up and vomit his entire dinner. Needless to say, a trip to the laundry room was required.

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  1. Happy New Year Laurina - this quilt has great visual impact - your contrast between the warm and cool diamonds works well. When I first saw this at our meetings, it made me think of pink sherbert (don't know if you had that as a kid in the States).