Friday, January 3, 2014

Thoughts on the past year

Everyone in the quilty-blog-sphere is posting reviews of 2013 or is goal setting for 2014. I have done the same for the past two years but somehow don't feel like it this year. I think it's because I am distracted and am (not) looking forward to a move next year. I have two houses to sell and one that is barely habitable to move into and renovate.

This should be exciting, but I am hung up on all the chores and jobs that need to be done before I can sell this house. My usual long and lazy summer break at the beach was replaced this year with a short 2 weeks at home painting and trying to de-clutter. I have failed to get much accomplished and am back at work on Monday. I guess this just leaks into my creative life and I am having some trouble appreciating this year's accomplishments.

I went through my old blogs and cataloged my finished projects - and there are a few. This year seemed to be full of small projects started and finished and fewer long-term projects finding their way to the finish line. I love the rush of a cute little finish, but I think that I really feel a true sense of accomplishment with larger (and longer) projects. But, the appeal of challenges, round robins, bees, etc. make it hard.

I've continued my participation in Block Lotto and although some months I only made one block, I still really enjoy trying them each month. I also did 2 round robins - the first with my own center block (and contributing to 3 others) and a second as part of a large gift quilt for the organizer of the round robin. I'll be doing another this year and already have my center block ready to go.

The new business, Sew Frisco, took a lot of my time this year and we had our first public outing at the Auckland Festival of Quilts. It's such a thrill when an order comes through, but this is not nearly often enough.

My two favorite projects were the scrappy diamonds that I just finished and the green/black hexagons. These were the two biggest quilts that I made this past year.

Next year will be very busy for me and I've already committed to do a few challenges. At least I am never bored. Did I mention we have a new kitten?

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  1. You do sound super busy Laurina - I think a kitten is just what you need :-)