Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tea towel quilt top finished (maybe?)

I finally got my sewing machine back and set it up yesterday. I had cut out the equilateral triangles for the (maybe) last border over a week ago, so it was nice to get it sewn together. I love how the triangles look like pennants hanging off the pink skinny border.

I wasn't sure what to do with the corners, I was left with a 30-degree empty wedge. I debated removing the last triangle on each side and creating a 120-degree piece but decided that it would be too large a chunk of one fabric. So, I chose to put in pink wedges which were a little tricky because of the tight y-seam. Still, I managed well enough and am satisfied with them.

Now I need to decide if I am done or if I want to add a white border. I am imagining a white border quilted with owl silhouettes in pink-orange-teal veriegated thread. Crazy talk, I know. As a compromise, maybe a thinner white border and then the orange binding. I just feel like there's a lot of white in the center and none in the outer borders. I'm also wondering if I want it bigger. Currently it's 42x48 - I can't decide if it will be a wall hanging or a throw quilt. Any opinions?


  1. This is lovely! I vote for a wall hanging with white binding. Smart how you inserted the pink triangles into the corners. I'm having a similar dilemma at the corners with a small quilt.

  2. Your borders co-ordinate beautifully with the tea towel. I think a white border with orange binding would echo the first orange frame, and finish it off nicely.

  3. I think making it throw size would be more useful. I vote for another border about the width of your first half circle border. I would make a border using the half circles again in the green or orange you have already used.

    I like it lots!

    1. My mother also suggested doing another circle border - but, they are a pain to do and I can't bring myself to do it. I'm leaning towards a wider white border and quilting some half circles instead.

  4. A white border with quilted owls would be fantastic! It does seem like it needs a touch more white in the mix for sure. But I'm sure you'll sort it out, everything is working so beautifully together so far :)

  5. This looks amazing Laurina :-)

  6. I really love this! If you decide to make it larger, how about a half-circle border (like the one on the tea towel)?