Tuesday, May 13, 2014

To sash or not to sash - that is the question

I'm progressing well with my wedding quilt blocks and have 19 so far. All of my fabric arrived and I think that I have all that I require. However, I am debating the size and layout of the quilt.

Originally, I was hoping to make a bed-sized quilt - that means 72"x72" (or close to it). Calculating using my 8" blocks - that means 81 of them (eeek). Not only is that an optimistic goal (I have 4 weeks to get it finished), the blocks are quite busy looking, so this is probably not the way to go.

So, I am thinking about sashing them and adding a border. It's certainly the traditional way to go and my friend suggested that she wanted a more traditional style quilt. Sashing would also break up the darker crosses that make a great secondary design but seem to be a bit more dominant than I hoped. My two ideas are: use a mid-toned neutral to sash them all.

Or, add dark squares and light strips to sash.

Another option is to lay the blocks out on point. Not only does this require fewer blocks, it also creates a completely different look. I could leave them un-sashed or consider the two options above (or a third?). I like the idea of an on point setting, but am concerned about having enough fabric for the setting triangles which will need to be cut from 6+ inch squares.

I'm always amazed at the changes to a design with a 45 degree rotation.

What do you think is the best approach? Next, border or no border...


  1. I like the second one with the small dark squares. It looks traditional, but is still really striking, if that makes sense. The first one is just a lot more mellow.

  2. I like the first option - it gives a subtle effect making more of an overall pattern rather than looking like traditional sashing. All the blocks are very soft and pretty.

  3. hm-m-m very difficult. Each has its own appeal! But I like the third option...always a bit more interesting "on point" & looks v. soft & flowing.
    You could always go to a slightly darker fabric for the setting triangles, if you run out of what you are using at present??

  4. Well, someone has to vote for the last option - me!!

  5. I like it set on point with the darker sashing in the first photo, but add the corner stones.

  6. I like the last one as well :-) I don't like the dark squares on the second pic but as you said it looks different when you turn it. Are you aware of the word verification on your blog?

    1. Hi Vera - I didn't realize I had the word verification on - I turned it off. Thanks.

  7. I love the last one as well!

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