Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Waiting for fabric to arrive

I mentioned the wedding quilt that I am making in my last post. I've been so busy and decided to buy some fabric for this project online rather that make the pilgrimage to some of the local quilt shops. I do like to support my local shops and I have been burned buying fabric online that turns out to be the wrong color, but in this case I really could not get out to shop.

Of course, I foolishly thought that there was some correlation between ordering quickly (which I did ) and arriving quickly. Now I regret not making time to go shopping because I would have fabric in hand and would be cutting and sewing rather than checking my package tracking twice a day. And, what does it mean that my package was 'processed through the sort facility' in Chicago 6 days ago? Is it still sitting there? Why hasn't it managed to get closer to Auckland since then? (Okay, I've had my rant now, I've learned my lesson.)

I did manage to pick up a few fat quarters at the Auckland Quiltmakers annual show on the weekend and I have made a few blocks using bits and pieces from my stash. For some reason, I always need to buy lots more than I need - I guess I want to be able to pick and choose from a selection.

...later the same day... one of my two orders was waiting for me at home this afternoon. Apparently the 'processing' in Chicago also included getting on a plane, crossing the Pacific, and arriving at my house. At least this means that the other order currently processed in Los Angeles should show up soon.

My goal was to make 2 blocks per day, but since I am only sewing some days, I might need to up my goal. So far I have made 9 and have cut out enough for another couple. I've run out of fabrics for the backgrounds so the next delivery is needed for more.

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  1. I like how the backgrounds are all blending together.

  2. Great blocks; this is going to be a terrific quilt