Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Block Lotto

Managed to get 4 sets done for this month's Block Lotto. I confess that I am becoming slightly disillusioned because I have played 8 months and have never won. I'm not in it to win and am making the blocks so that I can try some new things and get a break from some of those long-lived projects, but it would be nice.

Sophie always comes up with something interesting to do and I get to 'enhance' my stash if I don't have the perfect fabric. I've also been inspired to do many new designs but I have the will power to finish what I've already started.

DD aged 7 was keen to give it a go using some of her 'hooty-hoot' fabrics that we have been collecting. I simplified hers to a 9-patch instead of 16. She's doing a little bit of hand quilting before we make it into a tote bag. I love that she wants to sew, but it does take a lot of intervention on my part. I'll be happy when we can work side-by-side.

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  1. I hope you win this time. Maybe I will even get to mail some of my blocks to you! I have won a few times and it is FUN!