Thursday, July 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Every week I miss the deadline to post. I have a good excuse: I have Wednesdays off, but being in New Zealand means that it's actually Tuesday in the US. So, on my Thursday, I'm at work. Sad excuse, I know.

I've made progress on my snowflake squares. Finished #3 and started #4. The very rainy weather we've been having is good for hand sewing.

Here's a list of what I have on the go:

  1. Snowflake quilt: finished block 3 and started block 4. Maybe 5 more to go?

  2. Butterfly hearts: Finished piecing the off-white background and prototyping the heart applique/quilting method. Verdict is still out

  3. One-patch: Still machine quilting. Have done 'bulls-eye targets' for about half the squares. A lot more work required but losing inspiration.

Taking the day off tomorrow, so I hope to make some progress on one-patch tomorrow. I really must move it along so I can start something NEW.

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