Saturday, July 16, 2011

New project - green 1/2 square triangles

I have tired, tried, tried, not to start something new. But, the one machine project I have going right now is turning into a burden and I needed something new to play with.

A few months ago, I was left with some green & cream 1/2-square triangle blocks. These were trimmed off of one of the Block Lotto blocks (modern clovers, I think). I admired the little pile and began playing with them. I was also inspired by the use of a single color in the red/white disappearing 4-patches (yet another Block Lotto inspiration, thank you Sophie).

So, for the past few months I've collected green fat quarters with the plan to make lots of green/cream (or white) 1/2-square triangles. Yesterday I got started.

I decided to add a few grays to the greens, I didn't want it to get too bright and the gray seems to tone any color palette down.

After making a few squares I have started to experiment with the layout. I think that my choices are infinite, but I wanted a modern geometric pattern that blurs the boundaries between the blocks. This means I'm steering away from star and pinwheel patterns.

Here was my first idea:

Here's another one:

And my final design, my favorite so far:

The squares are quite small (1-7/8 finished size), so I realize it will take a lot of them to make a queen size quilt! Oh well, it's cold and rainy in Auckland, so I have plenty of time for indoor pursuits.

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