Thursday, August 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I was on my own last week while daughter & hubby were skiing. You'd think I would have accomplished heaps but somehow the week got away from me. Typical.

  • One-patch: no progress. I just can't get interested again.
  • Green HST: cut out some more squares but nothing to show for it.
  • Block lotto: made a few more of August's block - love it and hope to win.
  • Green/blue challenge pillow: went shopping and have selected two colorways (hoping to make 2 entries). Designed block and completed two (more below).
  • Blue snowflake: no progress.

I did make a total of 6 Block Lotto blocks. I really love these African violets and the colors are great. I really have my fingers crossed this month.

I've been pondering the challenge that I mentioned last week. Finally decided that the fabrics I pulled from my stash were not punchy enough and wanted to incorporate some neutral tones. I've come up with two color combos. One with black and the other with brown.

I've designed a small asterisk block with the one set of fabrics. I'm really pleased with the results. I'm not sure if I'll use sashing between them and if so, if it will be mostly black or mostly white. They are quite small (5 inches) so I should be able to use at least 9 of them on the front of a pillow. I may consider doing both the front and the back - maybe one with white sashing and the other with black.


  1. :D I had to smile at "somehow the week got away from me" when you had time to yourself. That happens to me a lot!

  2. Your African violet blocks are great! My mother would love a quilt with those!