Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to my one-patch

I've finished piecing the 'back' of my challenge pillow (right side). I almost like it better than the 'front' but it does not have enough of the challenge fabric to qualify. It won't matter when it's finished, I can use it either way.

I know it will be fun to machine quilt this manageable piece, but I set it aside to attack another job I've been avoiding. I finally started work again on my one-patch, which I have ignored for too long. After a few months off I am back to quilting it. I managed to get most of the circles on the blocks done and have only 10 more to finish - they're all on the edge which are much easier than those in the middle.

You can see the next block to quilt with my freezer paper template ready to go. I'm not sure how I'll quilt the border, but I think it will be a circular motif of some kind. I've been doodling some ideas but haven't decided yet. My MIL has recently moved into a nursing home and I hope that this quilt will brighten up her room. I have set myself the goal to finish it this weekend - could be a stretch!


  1. Oh, you're in NZ! Would you do a NZ themed mugrug for ? :)