Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update on projects

I've just posted a long description of my one-patch quilt that I finished on the weekend. Check it out if you are interested.

  • One-patch: DONE!!
  • Distraction: a Gryffindor tie from red satin and gold ribbon - DD is attending a Harry Potter themed birthday party on the weekend - pleased with the results.
  • Block Lotto: made 9 of September's block (see below)
  • Green/blue challenge pillow: no progress except for purchasing some variegated thread to start FMQ. Still pondering the quiting design
  • Green HST: no progress.
  • Blue snowflake: no progress.

I made 9 of this month's blocks for Block Lotto. I only managed a pic for 6 of them so far. I'm not a huge batik fan and I thought mine were particularly psychedelic, but as I've seen the posts of others they are starting to grow on me. Surprisingly, this is often the way on Block Lotto.


  1. I haven't heard of Block Lotto until today. What is it? Fun batiks you've got going there. LOVE your one-patch quilt. :D

  2. Block Lotto is a monthly block swap where a (large) group of people make that same blocks. At the end of the month, everyone that has made a block gets a chance to win enough blocks to make a quilt. When the winners are chosen ransomly, everyone else sends them their blocks. Check it out at