Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plaid quilt #2 flimsy

I set a goal to get the front of my second plaid quilt done this weekend. Not only was I motivated by finishing the first one, but on Friday I found out that I had won the blocks from February's Block Lotto. This motivated me further to honor the lovely quilters who sent me blocks last year before they send me more this month.

I had started to work on this ages ago, but became distracted along the way. My goal was to do something quite different with the remaining 24 blocks and I think I've achieved this without introducing other fabrics or overpowering the original block design. I admit I like this better than my first one.

A challenge with both quilt designs was dealing with blocks made by different people - some were precise and others not-so-precise. I'm okay with this, but it meant that trying to line up the center strips was impossible. So, I opted for an on-point layout with the blocks sashed in a variety of 1" strips and then staggered the blocks so that the centers didn't have to match up perfectly. Certainly this is always the case when different people make the blocks. I know that I have a habit of cutting slightly big and sewing a scant 1/4" seam - this means my pieces are often a tad big. This is fine if I've made all of the blocks, but not so in this case. (I've been working on this problem, by the way.)

The finished size is 56" square - a healthy throw but not really bed sized. I already have a plaid/floral fabric for the backing that I picked up in the clearance bin and plan some kind of all-over quilting design. Very happy to have achieved my goal and looking forward to the deluge of blocks to arrive in the mail over the next few weeks.


  1. I like this Laurina - it has a very modern look about it. Clever solution to the different block sizes.

  2. How smart to offset the blocks. I also like how you extended the sashing into the setting triangles. I really like it!

  3. Ps. Thanks for linking up with the Block Lotto Weekend Update. I hope you will also share a photo of the quilt on the site so we have it in our Gallery.