Monday, June 24, 2013

Finished round robin has come home

For the second year in a row, I've joined in a round robin (Cotton Robin) online with other quilters. Most of them are from the Block Lotto crowd, but not all.

The process is straightforward - I created a centre block which was then passed on to three other people to add 2 borders and to quilt and bind the finished quilt. They are small (maximum dimensions are about 20 inches) so that they can easily be mailed from one person to the next. During the round robin I was unaware of who was working on my quilt but eventually it comes back home and all is revealed.

I contributed to borders on 2 quilts and was supposed to quilt/bind a third one that was lost somewhere between Canada and New Zealand. It has been over 8 weeks, but I am still hopeful that it will show up one day and I can finish it and send it on to its owner.

I really enjoy these collaborative exchanges and am truly amazed at the finished quilts. The amount of work that some people invest is astounding and always makes my contributions appear quite humble. Oh well, something to work up to for next year. See all of the beautiful finished quilts here.

This year I think that the most inspiring aspect was colour. Some of the quilts (including mine) received an unexpected injection of colour - in my case, the stuck-in-a-rut centre block of blue, green, and grey received a hit of orange that did it a world of good. Here's the original centre block and some detail of the amazing first border of cathedral windows, appliqued circles, and yo-yos.

The finished quilt is sweet and quirky and I love the orange - thanks so much to Rachel, Anne, and Catherine.

The two quilts I worked on were much more traditional. I added a few narrow strips and a sawtooth border to Janet's compass (left) and a hand-stitched (eek, hand-stitched?) applique bias ribbon to Rachel's centre block (right).

I'm already looking forward to the next installment.

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  1. These little quilts are too much fun, aren't they? I also loved the injection of unexpected color on a few of the quilts--there were some brave, confident-with-color, quilters in the group!