Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quilting feathers on plaid

A few months ago I finished the first plaid quilt from blocks I won on Block Lotto last April. After piecing the second one a while ago, I have pulled it out as my first victim to quilt using my Swiftquilter.

Inspired by Angela Waters' Craftsy class, I have leaped in and started quilting some feathers as a random meander on this quilt. Here's the quilt set up and ready to go.

I actually tried to start it last night, but could not get enough light. This morning it was much better - even between rain showers the natural light is so much better. Unfortunately, we are on the shortest day of the year, but with some fast work, I'm almost done and probably have 45 minutes left before I can't see any more.

I'm planning a scrappy binding, which I will hopefully get started on tonight.


  1. Looks like you've got a great spot there! Over all this rain and grey.

  2. Getting it quilted in the (short) day sounds fantastic. I would still be keen to arrange a Monday Modern field trip to see it in action.

    1. I can't believe how time has gotten away from me...we're meeting again in a week and I really did mean to set something up.

  3. I can't believe it... you're quilting one of my blocks in that photo :-)

  4. Yay! So glad you are doing feathers!! It will be great!!