Friday, November 15, 2013

Green HST blocks

Pronunciation: /ˈfɒli/
noun (plural follies)
  1. [mass noun] lack of good sense; foolishness: an act of sheer folly
    [count noun] a foolish act, idea, or practice: the follies of youth
  2. a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park.
  3. (Follies) a theatrical revue with glamorous female performers: [in names]:the Ziegfeld Follies

Origin: Middle English: from Old French folie 'madness', in modern French also 'delight, favourite dwelling' (compare with sense 2), from fol 'fool, foolish'

My definition of folly is on the design wall. A few years ago I had an idea about using some 'bonus' HST squares to make a quilt. I only had a handful of these squares and they were a funny size because they had been trimmed off of something else. Instead of using these as an inspiration, I replicated them.

I should have:
  • Changed the size to something easier and bigger - unfinished size is 2-3/8"
  • Researched 'quick' methods for making lots of HST blocks
  • Calculated that I needed 1,452 of them to make a queen sized quilt
  • Run away

Instead, I moved forward.

These have been languishing at the beach house for at almost 2 years. Every time I go out there I make a few on the weekend. As of last week I had 20 of the component blocks. I decided to bring them back home and make an effort to get more done.

I was sick earlier this week and managed to make 8 more blocks between naps - only 8 more to go. Then I have the 'edge' blocks to finish. These are 2 squares wide and are mostly white with some green to finish off some of the square designs to create a border of sorts (I've made one an put it on the design wall). I'm determined to finish them this weekend. We'll see if I succeed.


  1. I think your 'folie' is 'tres jolie'

    (in case you don't speak french - that means 'very pretty')

  2. Impressive effort! And good re-naming skills, Heather.

  3. It's looking really lovely...2- 3/8" ..... that's small!!! L