Friday, November 8, 2013

Hexa-bee finished quilt

I never did post this finished quilt, so I took the opportunity to take a photos while it was hanging up on the wall at the show. I finished it a couple of months ago but could not find somewhere to hang it, then it was on display, and I was away for a while...

To be honest, this is my favorite quilt that I've made. I love that it's modern but still a bit scrappy. The quilting that I did using the Swiftquilter frame and Juki TL-98 is simple and effective. I am working on my technique, so the quilting is far from perfect, but I always apply the 6-foot (2 metre) rule - stand 6 feet away and see how it looks.

I was afraid of all the green solid fabric that I used, but I'm glad I overcame my fear of solids and negative space because it gives the pieced hexagon blocks some room to breath. I have a lot of green solid equilateral triangles left over from cutting out the big hexagons - there were two between every pair I cut. I'm not sure what to do with them - any suggestions?

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