Thursday, April 16, 2015

More sunshine

I finally managed to do a concentrated burst of sewing to move this project forward. I really ran into a creative wall when I finished the center medallion because I couldn't quite work out what to do with the corners. Sometimes putting a project away for a while is the best approach.

I put together the corner pieces on the weekend after making an emergency run to the fabric store - it seemed like I had only small pieces in the colors that I wanted to use. I made each corner different because the 1/2 sun blocks came from a variety of contributors and the colors and fabrics are all different.

I started sashing last night. I have 2 blue solids that are similar but different. Every other block around the edge will be bordered with one fabric, the others will be bordered with the second fabric. I was struggling with the strange sizes of the blocks and didn't want 6" sashing which is what would be needed to have evenly separated them. By using two blue solids it (hopefully) won't appear like there is uneven sashing, but instead a distinct border around each smaller block.

I'm hoping to get the top pieced by this weekend. Then it's in queue for quilting because my green/white HST quilt is still on the frame and about 2/3 finished.

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  1. Beautiful quilt, I love the colors.

  2. Wow! You have elevated that collection of lotto blocks and are making something spectactular!

  3. This is really looking great Laurina! I just love those sun blocks, heaps of work! and I'm sure your sashing will be ok... similar but different is good! Linda

  4. Very stunning! You colors are so pretty.

  5. Thanks for the comments. I can't take credit for the color selection - these blocks were won from the Block Lotto and Sophie chose the scheme. A few of the fabrics have a touch of green and I kept trying to add some more into the mix, but it never happened. I am considering a green binding but am not sure about the shade - what would happen if I mixed all of the colors together? A pale lime perhaps? Or maybe apple...or kiwi?

  6. OMG. Great minds think alike! I won these blocks too and after months of thinking about it....I decided to put a large sun in the middle! Only, mine isn't this far. I started making the pattern and setting aside these color fabrics. It will be my summer project when school is finished for the year.
    Soon, very soon! Love yours!