Monday, October 31, 2011

Caramel kitties

This quilt was one of 5 that I found hiding in the back of my closet half made. I set a goal last Easter to finish all of the UFOs by this Easter and I just about succeeded. Some of these quilts were not even close to completion and many of them were started as baby quilts. The intended recipient of this one must be 16 by now.

I had the piecing done for the center and needed to find some fabrics to create a wide border. This is tricky when your fabrics are 15+ years old - colors change. After much shopping, I finally found what I needed.

What I like about this quilt is that is not something that I would make now. My taste has changed. But there is something sweet about the tessellated cats and the simple color scheme is also appealing.

But what I like best is the quilting. I really pushed myself to do more on this quilt than on any others I had done. Impossible to capture in a photo are the names of two cats that I have loved and lost since I started this quilt - Frisco and Aspen. Their names are written on the inner border resting in a field of sunflowers.

I'm linking up to the Blogger's Quilt festival - check out all of the beautiful quilts there.



  1. I love your quilt! Many years ago, when that pattern came out, I started cutting the pieces for 1 or 2 cats out of each fabric that I used. I have them in a big ziploc baggie. Every once in a while, when I'm in that closet, I will pull it out and look at it and think I should put them together. But I no longer can find the pattern and only cut the cat parts out, not the background. So I have to sit down and try to figure out the sizes for the background pieces.

  2. Love the kitties, love the colors! Great job.

  3. i like the cats, such a fun design and the colors are very warm and inviting. great job with the quilting.

  4. Your kitties are adorable!