Sunday, October 9, 2011

Challenge cushion finished

I finished my challenge cushion today - 6 weeks before the deadline. This is a good thing - I need to start thinking about Christmas presents.

I decided to make it a box cushion. It's 18" square and does seem a bit on the big side. My plan was to make it a little thinner, but after machine quilting the sides I realised that I covered a larger area. Still, I like that it's substantial which gave me the opportunity to develop a pattern beyond a single block on the front and to quilt the sides.

I like the 'back' better. It's only the back because there is not enough of the challange fabric showing (which I used up on the 'front').

Overall I'm pleased with the results. This is my first challenge piece so we will see how it is received.


  1. I like the back a lot, too! Great job with the boxed corners. :)

  2. i really like how this turned out. i like the colors and overall pattern. well done! :)